“Your purpose is Christ; to know Him and to make Him known!”

This is one point I’d keep repeating to the folks at Dear Potential. It dissolves many confusion people have about their career being their purpose etc.

I still explained this to someone about two weeks ago. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me🥰

Taking design courses even opens my mind to the subject of purpose even more.

Whenever you see a particular logo, you can give it any meaning and quite alright you might even get the original idea the designer had in mind.

Till you hear from the designer, you would keep guessing and failing because every good designer should have something in mind before starting out…

How come you’ve never tried looking at a logo and asking the logo to explain itself?

Or has anyone?

I see no hands👀
I remember when I got to understand the idea behind GT bank logo


This is me using design to explain the subject of purpose.

An onlooker might see one of these;

– Two squares (why not?) I used to think that was all too😂
– A house with a window, doesn’t this fit?(in 3D)
– A box with an opening(if looked at from the top)

But remember that they weren’t the ones given the job to execute. The designer was.

It’s the designer’s job. Many might say, it’s still accurate. It’s the two boxes he was trying to portray.

Another might say it’s a building with a window but only the designer can interpret his own designs and accurately unless he revealed it to you…
But guess what the designer had in mind when designing?


The concept of a kolo😂🤣🤣🤣 ‘me sef was shooked o’.

How do I know? I learnt it during a design bootcamp by McFeey I went for last year! If I wasn’t told, I’d have just kept speculating like you might have been doing too. If I didn’t ask, I might just have believed other people’s guesses.

Or maybe some have never even thought critically about it.

It’s the same with God’s purpose for your life.
Just like the idea behind the design is very simple but many still miss it because they keep guessing, God’s purpose for your life is simple as well.

Forget all the grammar please🤦🏾‍♀️


There’s only one intention you’re on Earth no matter who you are; to know Christ and to make him known…
While there’s a lot to still talk about here, that’s the only thing that’d matter in the end.

While a design can serve many purposes, there’s always a primary purpose. The chair illustration comes in handy like my pastor uses in his illistration. No matter how appealing a chair is, if you can’t sit with it wetin you gain? Why’s it a chair in the first place?😂 Yes, you can climb on a chair…
You can keep your laptop/item on it but it stops being a chair when it defeats it’s primary aim😅

Same goes for a mug/cup. There are lots of them that don’t have good aesthetics but the main function is to store/drink some form of liquid with it. If you can’t, please it’s time to throw it away😂
This is why we need to preach/teach/persuade those who are yet to see beauty in Christ because this is the WHY. Only the designer can tell you the big WHY. Only God can and He’s shown us in His word through different infallible proofs.

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Did you know that at some point, purpose was something I was looking and asking God for even as a believer in Christ, like it was meant to be hard😂 Some continuous and relentless pursuit.

“God show me why I’m on Earth, show me”😅as per say e suppose unique na. I’m sure He must have laughed at us😂
So for the purpose of this exposé, here’s a summary of all I’ve been saying since;

1. Purpose is determined by God. If you’d live purposefully, you’d do so on His own terms not yours. Every other thing is to advance the main reason you’re here or help others do the same.

2. Purpose is not unique. I want to scream this one on the rooftop of my house, if I can😅 it’d save a lot of young people the stress and confusion.
I recommend the book, Purposefully by Emmanuel Iren

Till next time, stay purposeful in Christ.

– Deborah🥰

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