1. What’s your name?
    A: My name is Deborah Briggs Tamunokorite
  2. What do you do?
    A: I’m a minister, photographer and a designer
  3. When did you become born again?
    A: I got born again when I was in secondary school in 2012.
  4. What does walking in God’s purpose for your life mean to you?
    A: God’s purpose for every man is to come to the knowledge of the Gospel and receive his Salvation. He wants everyone to know him in Christ, receive his life through the Spirit of God on our inside to equip us to recruit more students of the word who’d do the same.
  5. How did you know what purpose or calling God has for you?
    A: There was a time I was seeking for God’s purpose for my life even after I was saved which God had to correct me about. There’s been so many confusions about the subject of purpose. Pastor Emmanuel Iren gives this definition which is simple yet profound;
    “Purpose is that one thing for which you were created, and at which you must succeed, if not, nothing else you succeed at will count”.
    What many believers need to know is God’s assignment for them per time. We all have the same purpose; to know Christ and to make him known. His purpose and plan for everyone never changes.
    Having said these, I got to find out what God would have me do as I started fellowshipping with him. Praying and reading his word. There were times I couldn’t recognise God’s voice, I had to learn. I had to listen. There were times He’d instruct me to reach out and share the Gospel with a stranger. Give to someone in need. Help out and encourage someone. Other times when he asked me to join the work force in the university. This was 2016/2017. At times, it’s about taking initiative knowing the work of God needs to be carried out. In my final year, I joined two departments in school. One was the choir unit and the other was cleaning. I had been singing before then so I joined wanting to continue using my gifts to bless others. I also joined the cleaning department because there was a need. People were not enough and they needed more hands. No one had to beg me to, God didn’t have to before I did. The point is some times, God uses our current situations to train us. It’s up to us to be open enough to give our time and serve. There’s a lot of responsibilities it places on us and other areas of our lives as well. These are some of the things that trained me for the bigger plans God had for me which He shows me in bits as I follow.
  6. Can you remember when you stepped in and started walking in your calling?
    A: I can remember vividly after I got saved I wanted to serve God. The church I attended growing up ensured and encouraged converts to join the work force. It was 2013 or so. I’d sing a lot while I was home. I’d learn every song in soap operas I used to watch😂 I really love to sing so I joined the Adult choir instead of the youth church to serve/minister. It was from that moment and I’ve not looked back since then. He’s been training me for every level of work I do even through the work of my hands.
  7. What are your challenges so far?
    A: One has been focus. I’m honestly grateful I learnt to focus on what He’s called me to do early in life. There are so things seeking to distract the believer in Christ but keeping my focus on the Gospel through study and prayer have helped me stay true to it. Another distraction used to be with social media but I had to learn to prioritize. It’s a continuous and conscious effort.
    Another challenge I had to overcome were the limitations on my mind. God keeps reminding me I have to see myself the way He sees me. The possibilities in Him are endless.
  8. What’s the importance of discovering and walking in God’s purpose for your life?
    A: One I’d say is a victorious life even here on Earth which is dependent on your focus on God’s word. Over sin, over temptation. You’re assured of the presence of the Prince of Peace in you even in difficult times. It changes your perspective about life, makes you responsible and accountable since we all would give account of our lives here on earth.
  9. How can one differentiate between God’s calling for their lives and their own choice?
    A: Well, while God desires that we live balanced lives he doesn’t want us to do so on our own. The word shows us that living for Christ is to give up our desires completely. No matter what you do, a life that is following their calling is in tune with God, no more living for himself and has chosen to be responsible about his life.
  10. What do you advise for youths just beginning or about to start walking in purpose?
    A: I’d tell them to stay with God, join a church community where they can learn the Gospel. It matters how we present His message, it matters your knowledge about God. That’s God’s structure for your growth! It’s His idea! Be led by the Spirit of God and by all means stay focused on God’s purpose and assignment for you per time. Trust God to meet your needs at all times. Value and love people. Build your values around the message of the Gospel. Serve, give but be led! God’s wisdom in His word is available to guide you.
  11. How can we connect with you?
    A: You can reach out to me via any of my social media platforms or my website.
    Facebook: Briggs Deborah Tamunokorite
    Instagram: @briggs_deborah
    Twitter: @briggs_deborahO

    Thank you so much for this privilege and honour. Thank you AYSC!

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