Earlier in July 2020, a friend sent me this song I’m about to share with you. Out of the blues!!! I don’t think he knew how much it blessed me at that point but I’ve been contemplating sharing it. I got the go ahead to! I sang it at my birthday get together in August and got requests from a few friends saying they were blessed too.

The interesting thing many of you who knew me recently don’t know is, I used to sing actively in the ministries I attended at different points on my journey.

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It started with the Deeper Life Christian Ministry in 2013 while I was about entering the university then with Victory in Jesus church in 2015 in Poland. My meeting the pastors in the later is story for another day!

Shared this so you’d have an idea of the background of my story.

This song is an audio cover I did on Smule in 2016, one song that depicts exercising your faith in difficult and tough situations. Praise His name is a powerful song you should listen to, sang by Jeff and Sheri Easter but written by Bruce Haynes / Lee Hendrix.

I hope this song stirs up faith in your heart and in spite of the circumstances you may find yourself now you always remember to pray and praise God’s name. I’d be tweaking the lyrics a bit, now that I know better. Don’t worry, I’d indicate where changes are made with bold emphasis.

Praise His Name Lyrics :

When you’re up against a wall and your mountain seems so tall
And you realize that life’s not always fair
You can run away and hide, let the old man decide
Or you can change your circumstances with a prayer.

When everything falls apart praise His name
When you have a broken heart raise your hands and say
Lord, You’re all I need, You’re everything to me
And He’ll take the pain away
When it seem you’re all alone praise His name
When you feel you can’t go on just raise your hands and say
Greater is He that is within me
And you can praise the hurt away if you’ll just praise His name

Bridge: Oh, you can(have) overcome by the blood of the lamb
And by the word of your testimony
You’ll see the darkness go as your faith begins to grow
You’re not alone so how can you be lonely?

Download the song here

Feel free to share with your friends or someone who needs encouragement and a reasons to be thankful. Also, write to me, I’d love to read from you. I’d definitely reply.


Deborah Briggs

Smule is a karaoke platform I used in 2016 while I was out of the country. I introduced it to all my friends, we did a couple of collaborations on there. You can check it out.

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