You must have heard the phrase over and again

“Do more of what makes you happy”

Sounds familiar right?

I know that if I got the chance to ask everyone of you reading this what makes you happy. You’d give me a million and one things; travelling, partying, watching movies, receiving gifts/compliments, caring for your body/needs. It could even be smashing goals or inspiring people.

I know some folks who enjoy sleeping, I mean way too much than is expected. It makes them really happy. I knew many folks in school who liked to flaunt school orders. It made them really happy. They bragged about it. They did what they liked but they never grew or mature in character. They always got into trouble with the school authorities but that’s story for another day.

I’ve always wondered why no one says serving others makes them happy straight up. It’s never the first thing on our minds. That’s the point. We all grow into that mindset as we’re naturally selfish. But you reading this must know that who you really are as a believer is a born again Spirit.

You know, I used to love saying everything that’s on my mind. I mean everything. I have a really imaginative mind, it helps me create and connect with people I meet and love. Think up ideas fast. Strike up fun and interesting conversations, gets stuff done without getting bored.

It made me happy. Before you say one, I’ve said five just to tell you I got some bars lol.

In my closest relationships, I really sort peace but remember I was all about doing what made me happy lol.

So it wasn’t working. I might have won arguments, I might have been really happy after proving my point to you but I didn’t learn or grow from it. All the things that made me happy never really helped me grow or keep me holy. I’m not saying I overlook problems that need to be addressed. I’m saying that I’m learning to think more before I talk and to really mean what I say. I’m learning to listen more than I speak, to respond not react.

You see, you can be the wisest man on earth but still suck in your relationships because you’re all about your own happiness. Our greatest enemy is ourselves. We don’t always know what’s good for us per time. What makes us happy might hinder us from living for Christ or standing up for the Gospel. What makes us happy could make us sick. Because taking ice-cream everyday makes you happy doesn’t mean it’s great for your health.

If we really did everything that made us happy, our lives would remain stunted. No growth. No new adventure. No risk. No control. Not much progress.

What’s Culture’s Take?

In a culture where this is all a lot of folks are about, be different. Choose otherwise! If you don’t, the idea God has for you to grow would be defeated. The wisdom of the world is rooted in selfishness. Every individual wants what’s good for them. They sing songs to say this over and again.

In the words of Matt Chandler, “True wisdom means we embrace God’s vision of how the world works.” Not the other way round. He couldn’t have put it any better!

When you think your life is all about you and your happiness, you won’t care if you have to destroy others with your words to climb up the ladder. You’d go nude for success. You’d expose your cleavage as a lady because it’s the trendy thing to do. If you only do things that make you happy, you won’t be able to stand up for what’s true because it doesn’t make you happy. You’d always choose the easy and convenient way out.

The earlier you started believing that you were meant to live for Christ, the better it is for you. The more fulfilling it would be no matter how hard it is in our flesh. You’d understand that your own happiness isn’t priority. You’d admit you’re wrong even if it doesn’t make you happy all the time.

You were meant to find your ultimate purpose and delight in God not in yourself or others. You can’t separate true wisdom from good conduct.

One of the reasons culture’s way of thinking won’t help you as a believer is there’s no right or wrong for them. Anything goes. Culture has sold us the lie that over 7 billion people can have their own idea and opinion about the same thing. That’s complete chaos and impossible.

For us, the Scriptures define what’s right or wrong. There are absolutes and objective standards we must learn to live by. Jesus defines our definition of good or bad not us. He’s the perfect example, he showed us how through his selflessness on the cross. He gave His life for us when we didn’t deserve it. He didn’t just do it but showed us we can by equipping us to do the same. Happiness is not the goal. You are not the goal and have never been. Don’t always do more of what makes you happy.

Blessed by this? Feel free to drop your comments or write to me. I’d love to hear and read from you.


Deborah Briggs

5 thoughts to “Why Happiness is Not the Goal

  • Esther OJebamigbe

    Woow 🔥! Really eye-opening!🙌🏼 Thanks for sharing ma 🤭🤭😍♥️

  • Ugochukwu

    When our hearts are truly in line with God’s will and purpose then “happiness” will be redefined.

    A lot of believers have held closely to ideologies of this world, because it sounds good, they accept it and make it their reality. Do whatever makes you happy, they say. Love yourself, they say. And a whole lot more.

    When we as believers begin to follow these ideas from the world, we miss out on who we are and who we are supposed to be.

    We should never allow the world dictate how we should live, we should be cultured by the Word. Christ is our example and we should learn from Him.

    There’s so much we have allowed the world to teach us, and we’ve accepted them as our reality, we even boldly proclaim these words. It’s out of place and we’ll have to retrace our steps.

    Thank you so much for this, it was worth reading. You’re a blessing.

    • Deborah

      So so true! It’s a daily reminder. Daily renewal of our minds.

      Thanks for taking out the time:)

      Aw thank you! Good to have you 🤗

  • Agunbiade Temitope

    Thanks for sharing

    • Deborah

      Thank you so much for reading dear 🙂

      Feel free to share with your friends.🥰


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