Here’s Peace’s story;

I remember there was a day I was waiting to see my project supervisor. I was always nervous each time I went to see her. The truth is I worked on my project alone so on this particular day, I was more nervous because she hadn’t really corrected my project, and we were close to the deadline for submission.
As I was waiting for my turn at the corridor, a song started playing in my mind. (God speaks to me through songs a lot!!!)

I was in a good mood, so I didn’t understand why that song was coming at that particular time. God had seen ahead. What would come as a shock to me was already known by God. God is never caught off guard so  🎶You can rest easy, Ryan Patterson – Rest easy.
The lines that kept ringing in my mind was

O, what can take away? My hallelujah
No darkness can contain
My hallelujah
Your cross has made a way
For my hallelujah
My hallelujah

Those lines from the song kept coming. I’ll share the name of the artist, and the writer (s) at the end.
When it was my turn, I stepped into her office, and presented my project to her. As she flipped through it, she was surprised that she hadn’t gone through it. She made so many corrections to my chapter 1.


She told me my chapter two was boring. She asked me to change the data I used for my analysis. I was almost shattered. Remember I said this was two or three days to tell deadline?

Tears welled up in my eyes. I was embarrassed!

Different thoughts were running through my mind. I mean, where do I start from? How do I meet up? Even after making those corrections, I would still have to bring it back to her so she can approve or disapprove. She was wondering if I would be able to meet up with the deadline. 

But remember God had given me a song before I went in to see her? That “what can take away my hallelujah?, No darkness can contain my hallelujah.”

Now the question is, did that reduce the pain?


Did it stop me from crying? No!

Was it a source of comfort and strength? Yes!!

It showed me that God was present with me even in that difficult moment. It made me know I wasn’t alone, that whatever was happening to me at that time was known to God.

Oh! How sweet. The God that goes before, the God that supplies strength in our weakest moments, the God that keeps us sane when it seems the walls are closing in on us. I was encouraged but it was slow and painful. God was with me still. That song was enough!

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  • Becca

    So good, He is ever involved in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing Peace.


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