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Happy new year amazing people! Welcome to 2018!!! I hope it’s not too late to say so 😆😁😊


I’m really excited, it’s been all shades of awesome within just two weeks of serving at my PPA(Place of Primary Assignment) in Ebonyi state, Nigeria! Whoop! I’d share lessons I’ve learnt soon.

But ehrm…if you have not read my post about NYSC CAMP, here’s it;  NYSC ORIENTATION CAMP: Experiences, Lessons and Victories (II)


Meanwhile, this is officially my first post on the blog  this year and I’m excited to share what God has put in my heart. It’s one of the key things I learnt in 2017.


This post is long overdue and I’m truly sorry about that. A lot kept coming to mind as I wrote this so it seemed like it won’t end. I might still have to add more as time goes on.



The truth is a lot of us grew up with fear caused by different reasons from different backgrounds. Some were conditioned to do the right things for fear of punishment or loneliness rather than out of love. At some point, we were also conditioned into accepting Christ(the faith) for fear of eternal damnation in hell fire(either directly or indirectly). While it’s true that those who reject Jesus would go to hell, it’s not the Gospel.



Many grew up thinking that was the right approach to life and this has made many hold on to false ideas about who God is. Fear is something we can all relate with. I mean it’s easier to get people to do things out of fear than love.


First, I’d like to clear every doubt for the man in Christ! You need not fear in your relationship with God. When I talk about fear, I mean the one that has torment, the one always seeking for approval and seeking to always be at right standing(at peace, justified) with God. I’m referring to you Christian who feels you always have to measure up to some standard for God to always accept you. It’s for you who think God would destroy you when you make a mistake or sin.



The good news is you need not appease or beg God because He is pleased with you because of what Jesus has done. This isn’t because it’s an easy thing to type but because it’s really true! It’s what God intends for you as a Gentile in the New Covenant. If there’s one thing I need you to get from this post, it’d be “God loves you”, not will love you or loved you. Not as long as you do good but because He is love.



“God has forgiven you”.

Forgiveness is a gift! I was talking with a staff yesterday at my PPA and he was asking me what I’d do if a person keeps offending me. I said I understand that God has forgiven me of so much so I’m obliged to do the same for others. He asked us to forgive as well since He’s shown us by giving us forgiveness as a gift!

He’s not the one who killed your father neither is He the one who steals or takes away from you because of what you did or did not do! His kind of love is the one that sees our needs in advance and meets them before we even thought we needed them! He provides for all, both the just and the unjust! He gives and He forgives in advance!


I’ve had to repeat these truths to myself day in day out all through last year and I still do. Till my mind got the idea, till it became a reality to me, I saw that’s actually who God is and I began living it out. Till it reflected in my speech, actions and interactions with others. Now I know God’s love for me is not based on me but absolutely on who He is. I don’t know(experiential) it all, there are depths I’ve not reached but knowing this foundational truth has helped me overcome other kinds of fear. I used to be so confused as to what steps to take but it began changing as I knew and lived out these truths. From fear of the unknown to fear of people’s opinions about me to fear of inadequacy.



“He’s your Father!”

You know, I’ve never for once imagined my earthly father disowning me for not helping him wash his car or call him one week straight which happens all the time. I fail my earthly father even as the ‘good’ child that I am. I don’t do everything right even when I’m willing to and the truth is I won’t. If you can’t imagine your earthly father disowning you, how much more God! You’re his son! You received sonship!


For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:
Romans 8:15‭-‬16 KJV

See also

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
John 1:12 KJV

He gave you the right(privilege) to be His son when you believed on Him! It’s a gift! So, never imagine God doing so! Well, your earthly father can threaten to disown you and He can. You’d wonder what kind of father that is but not God!



That is the same comparison Jesus made whenever He used the phrase “how much more” in the Gospels.

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?
Matthew 7:11 KJV
If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?
Luke 11:13 KJV

God has said He would never leave you nor forsake you! Never! I believe every other kinds of fear would have no place once this is settled in your heart!


A believer in Christ only needs knowledge of what Christ has done because that’s where He beholds himself(in Christ). Interesting isn’t it? It’s in his knowledge of what Christ has done that he grows and matures!


Have you ever noticed how Paul would always say “Don’t you know”? “Know you not?” Are you so ignorant? That was always his response when any believer sinned or behaved contrary to their new nature in Christ. Not condemnation! There! knowledge!
The Bible made us understand that fear has torment, perfect love casts out fear. He that fears is not made perfect(complete) in God’s love.


To overcome fear, there should be that consciousness of who you are in Christ and what He has done for you.
It is obvious that anyone can experience fear. It’s your response to it that matters!

You should never forget your identity, it’s in Christ and what He’s done for you! Constantly remind yourself! All too often we forget who we are in Christ maybe we just don’t know hence we entertain fear. Whatever tough situations you face, know of a surety that Christ’s death is eternal hence it remains the same today and forever. That’s your position and place in Him. You’re seated with Him in authority, right above every other thing in the world. Whatever you do should stem out of these truths and not on who you are in the natural or what you see around you.


I’ve had times I acted out in fear and still do. You would laugh at this because it truly seems flimsy! I used to be terribly scared of cockroaches that whenever I see them I can’t go on with whatever I’m doing. If I’m washing dishes, it’d be the end of that. I’d find it so difficult to accomplish much. It was that serious! But as I’d constantly tell myself who I am and the power in me, I overcome! Nowadays, whenever I see one, I face it and kill it Lol. I get better as the days go by. Glory!



Another thing I’d say is do it afraid. Fear is a liar, you can’t live your life based on lies from the enemy. “I’m not enough, I’m too young, I’m short, I’m not beautiful, I’m not loved” These are lies that will hinder you from reaching out for all God has planned for you. We often forget that we should rely on God’s abilities rather than ours. God never expected us to accomplish tasks on our own that’s why He fulfilled His promise of reconciliation in Christ, with the Spirit living in us and empowering us to do all He has called us to do.


As I started out thinking of how to start my blog last year, I’d hear thoughts like “what do you know? What can you possibly offer? “You can’t do it?” You must do well not to entertain these thoughts. You can’t live on lies and emotions but on true knowledge of God’s word. Do it if it means doing it afraid!


Never ignore the benefit of consistently reading and believing God’s word. Read and meditate on it till it becomes your reality! I do tell people “your focus becomes your reality!” it’s not a matter of casting and binding demons. The war is against thoughts and imaginations in you! You can’t expect to walk in daily victory when you don’t feed on the Word! It’s your weapon, it’s your shield! It’s your guide! I’ve seen the impact reading, studying and confessing the Word has had on me in the last five years of my Christian walk. The quality of your Christian life depends on how dependent on the Holy Spirit you are to walk in and through you!



As a believer, these should be your daily confessions;

“God is my father!

His love and grace empowers me to live above sin!

I’m not a slave to fear!

There’s no condemnation for me in Christ!

I am in Christ!

Christ is in me!

I’m seated with Christ in heavenly places!

I am His!

I am loved!

I live by the Spirit!

I don’t have the Spirit to fear!

Fear is a liar!

I walk in daily victory!

I’ve been given all I need for life and godliness!

I’m a son!

I have received forgiveness from sin! Forever! Eternally!

I believe and walk in these truths!

I put my faith to work empowered by the Spirit!

I overcome! I overcome fear!”


Stay fearless in 2018!

What ways have you been battling with fear? Please share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you! 

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