If you don’t live in this part of the world where I come from, then you might have difficulties understanding the second phrase put up, “wetin I gain”. It’s pidgin English(made in Nigeria) lol. It actually means “what’s my profit?” Or “what’s in it for me” You’re welcome!

But really…has this question ever popped in your head before? Even as a believer? “Why should Christ’s death be gain to me?How does an innocent man’s death affect me?” Or are you at that point in your life that you’re doubting everything including your faith in Christ?

When I mean gain, I’m not referring to money or possessions. The world has enough of that! You might even have a lot of that!

Quite frankly, many are yet to see gain in Christ especially those who haven’t received Him. Even some who say they believe in Christ don’t even understand what they believe and have. For some, being a believer in Christ is just a means of escape from hell and an anticipation of a life they’d not have till they die or are not even sure they’d ever have as they’re still praying to be counted worthy. For others, it’s ceasing from wearing some particular outfit because they claim they’re for a particular gender and obeying rules that surround that. There are others who believe that being a believer is about just stopping bad habits and behaving good. In fact, I used to be among these folks and I thought that when I heard people preach salvation by faith alone they were false. I saw nothing of the Christian faith as gain, it was more of me always doing something so I can get God to like me, answer my prayers and meet my every need. It was always me doing something and it never being enough. Such irony!

As i was about to enjoy that fellowship, I’d hear someone condemn me directly or indirectly reminding me about the unknown sins I might have committed. Other times, I was told to guard my salvation jealously which was one of the most difficult things I tried doing and failed over and again.

I remember one time I honestly got accustomed to the doctrine of no hair extensions, no trousers not necessarily because I wanted to but because I was taught that it was a criteria for ‘making heaven’. I really believed and was genuine because I loved the Lord and was going to go any length to please him. God started working on my heart. I began to find joy in him in my personal devotion time and worship. Our relationship was becoming strong! You’d see me talk about other subjects of the faith but when it came to issues on dressing , I’d tell you that’s God’s command but no sound doctrine to back it up.

Although I never used them, I didn’t condemn those who did but I always wondered and thought “why would we believe different things and still be believers? What really is the truth?” There are many others who stopped being fervent during this period maybe because they were being sincere. They didn’t want to pretend anymore so they quit. The rules were a lot and they just couldn’t cope, they were sincere and I don’t blame them lol. I’m sure they wondered what was so sweet in Christ, what the gain was. if that was really all there is to the faith life, then I can’t measure up! The truth is you can’t see gain/beauty in Christ if you’ve not been taught the Gospel of Christ! Yes I know you still go to church but that’s because your parents ensure you do and you don’t have a choice anyway. It’s not just about fellowshipping with other believers. It matters what knowledge you have about this Gospel! It matters what you believed.

My Pastor, Emmanuel Iren always says, you’ve not truly believed in Jesus’ death if you’ve not started living for him. I know that up until now you’ve probably not heard the Gospel preached to you hence your lack of interest and laikadaisical attitude to the things of God.

Let’s see what Paul says in Ephesians:
For it is by grace [God’s remarkable compassion and favor drawing you to Christ] that you have been saved [ACTUALLY DELIVERED from judgment and given eternal life] through faith. And this [salvation] is not of yourselves [not through your own effort], but it is the [undeserved, gracious] gift of God; not as a result of [your] works [nor your attempts to keep the Law], so that no one will [be able to] boast or take credit in any way [for his salvation].
Ephesians 2:8‭-‬9 AMP

Where’s the lie? Christ’s death changed not a few things but everything! It’s a spiritual reality that needs to be taught that would then be birthed in the physical. It’s so beautiful! Note the first parts of the above text: Christ’s death delivered you from judgment and condemnation, see also Romans 5:1

Which in turn has given you eternal life! If you have read my post on how to study the Bible(which I’ve updated, you really should read up here) you’d understand that the tenses as written in Scriptures are intentional and accurate because every gain we’ve got, makes reference to what one man did once and for all! Not will do, not might do if we do good! It was an atonement that suffices for everyone who is even yet to believe. Christ is not coming to die again! He already did! That’s indeed great gain for everyone who believes in what He did. To live for Christ means to understand how this applies to you. It means that everything you do must stem out from these very truths. You are free from sin and no longer have to live by the dictates of the flesh. Your believe in these truths changes everything!

Christ died, you have hope! You’ve got a relationship! You’ve got a family of believers!

Christ died, you have peace with God! Christ died, you gain His life because of the Spirit of God on your inside! Christ died, You have eternal life by the Spirit of God on your inside!(Emphasis) Eternal life isn’t a prayer point and it doesn’t begin when you die as a believer. It begins when you start your relationship with God by believing and learning the faith. If you don’t have the life of God now, you won’t when you die. The Holy Spirit in you is the seal that you’re God’s own.

There’s this song we were taught when I was younger. Some of you would know it. It goes thus:

Eternal, eternal life! Eternal eternal life. I want to live eternal life, God save my soul. I want to live eternal life, God save my soul(You say?)

First of all, if you do not have this life, it means you’re not saved because you do not believe. But if you believe, then it’s yours because of what Christ did on the cross. If you sing this way, then you don’t know what you have and you’re still trusting in your ability. It’s completely unbelief to sing this way. The irony is that many believers admit that they can’t save themselves but they have this approach to the faith like it’s what they do that’d save them. Be at peace with God’s word and learn to take the word at face value.

The life of God in you is your guarantee that when you die physically, you’d live forever. Infact, believers don’t die, we only settle in our rightful location. With God. In Christ. At peace. Righteous like you’ve never sinned. Free from guilt and condemnation. Not because of what you did or will ever do but because of what Christ has done and what the Spirit does in you till the work is completed! This is indeed great gain!

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