You’ve walked too long among contenders of the Gospel and those who oppose its message. Come out already! Leave that kind of thinking behind! God has not called you into bondage or fear but to receive the life of the One who sings over you and offers you hope and eternal life. Dear sister, use the attachment if…

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Christ Died, Wetin I Gain?

…this question ever popped in your head before? Even as a believer? “Why should Christ’s death be gain to me?How does an innocent man’s death affect me?” Or are you at that point in your life that you’re doubting everything including your faith in Christ?…

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How to Actually Study the Bible

– The Bible wasn’t written in English
– The Bible wasn’t originally written in chapters and verses, just books but was done so for our easy read (the irony lol)
– The Bible must be read in context
– The Bible especially the Old Testament requires a lot explanation not just quotation for understanding!!

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