GOD Is Intentional About YOU

Thank you for taking out the time to visit my blog and even further to read my first post.

I’m not sure where to start from because I’m excited. 2017 began a year of living intentionally about what God has in store for me and what He plans to do through me. God taught me that He is intentional, He is purposeful about things He plans to do much more in and through me.



First, He’s intentional about you too! Yes, you were created in His image. He looked at what He had created and gave you what it takes to dominate them all. You weren’t an afterthought! He blessed you and said be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. This is God speaking, whatever He says is true and final! God saw you and said “very good”.
Jesus has restored peace and union with God! All these was done out of who He is! God is intentional about you!

As the year began, I knew I had goals I wanted to achieve for the year after praying and writing some of them down. I listened to Zig Ziglar’s tape on goals(i bless God for amazing people in my life), it was challenging at first because I’m not the type to set goals and strictly keep to them.

I must mention this, those you surround yourself with matters a lot. You need those who encourages, strengthens and give you good and scriptural advice. Be it friends, colleagues, a parent. Pray and be on a watch out. It’s not everyone you allow in your space!

Well, I gave it a try anyway and wrote them down! Some of which were working on my writing skills, read more books this year, graduating from the University 😂(I know right? But that’s some goal if you’d ask me!) and starting up a blog. The latter was forgotten for so long until I found a book I had written it in around mid-year!


The truth is it’s not easy trying out things you’ve never done before but I’ve learnt to do things afraid. The results should be the focus. Just take a step.

It’s important to look out for those who have gone before you. Watch and learn from them, pray and do as God directs you to.


It’s been a year of much preparation and growing. I’ve grown more this year than my past years, no joke! Spiritually, emotionally, intellectually! It didn’t just happen because I thought about it. It didn’t become a reality just because I  pondered on it but because I meant to! I planned to and I actually did them. It’s really the same for you. Since God is intentional about you, you have to be intentional as well.


The time is now, start that book you’ve been wanting to write, start the project, take that course. He’s leading you? Start it! Take that step! God would always back you up!

What is God is laying in your heart at this time? Share your thoughts

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  • Dunnex

    Great write up dear… This is inspiring! What I’ve come to realise is that sometimes we keep on procrastinating under the guise of “it’s not the right time” “I still have a lot to work on and develop” “I don’t have sufficient resources” But I’ve realized that the growth won’t happens until we start, we’ll never still have enough resources because we fail to see the ones we already have…

  • Esther

    Thanks for the encouragement. Your story has challenged me. More grace Debbie

    • Deborah Briggs

      Yaay… We must be intentional as well!
      I’m blessed seeing this comment 🙂

      Thanks for your time😉

  • Olatujoye Deborah

    I am blessed dear. Thanks so much

  • Precious

    The thing is this article is really for me.
    Wow.. God bless you for listening God. We sure have a lot to discuss.

    • Deborah Briggs

      Wow… Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear😘 Anytime!

  • Morenike Alugo

    This is indeed amazing and inspiring… God is truly intentional about us! 💗

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this ma… It hitted me like a nail

  • Nkem Patricia

    “I’ve learnt to do things afraid”. Wow!!!! That phrase caught my attention all we need do is take a step, stay focused and be intentional about it . Thanks deari, it’s a good one keep it up.

  • Ayoola Rebecca

    Well done dear. What a great thing to know the Lord is intentional about us. His plans are set and ready. We just need to tap and work with him. Thanks for the eye opener.

    • Deborah Briggs

      Indeed He is dear. Glory to God!

      Thanks for your time😍


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