I honestly delayed in writing this review reasons being that as I finished reading Selfies with Bible girls, I was so overwhelmed with truths from it that I didn’t know where to start from.


Let me first write a little about my first encounter with Pastor Laju Iren. I guess now is the right time to put it in words.


Pastor Laju and I at the Dauntless Master Class, Abuja


I registered on Friday night after I was so sure I won’t be getting the evaluation letter I came to collect in Abuja in October this year. If you’d ask me, it was a blessing in disguise 🙂


One the first thought, after I was told my letter wasn’t ready it was devastating! On another, there was #Dauntless Master Class, Abuja I thought! I never knew it’d be brought to Abuja as I was in Lagos during the time of the book launch and I couldn’t make it.

A colleague who processed his documents the same day I did asked me to get his for him. I was so glad to help him out!

I came on Monday earlier and was told to return that Friday.
“I came for my evaluation letter sir I was told to come back after two weeks to get it.” I know I didn’t look like what I came for… He looked at me and thought “you have a small stature”. He kept steering at me while I smiled. He was thinking I was joking… Lol
“Hold on for a while, I’d call you when it’s ready.”




He checked through the letters he had and he found my friend’s but somehow mine was missing. The woman beside him said that’s what happens when you help others. She said it in a way that would make one feel bad. I looked at her with a sad face and I consoled myself. She wouldn’t steal my joy.

There’d be people that would want to make you feel bad for doing something good. They may mean well but that’s okay. Don’t allow it affect you.

He told me to go back and wait. This time, I waited till around 4pm. I called a number that called me from the ministry to ask me some questions about my documents. A man picked up.

He told me to come in, his office was the next one. I walked in and explained the situation to him and he was surprised. I went with him to check what exactly was wrong.

On checking the typist’s record on the system, we discovered that the letter was typed but wasn’t printed out.
Wow thank you Jesus! There’s hope, the problem has been found at least. It’s no longer missing. I was planning to go home that weekend, I told them that I didn’t live in Abuja but Lagos I came here for the letter.

One of them looked at me and said, you look like you came to Abuja to enjoy yourself.
Well, maybe cus I had my hair out(for those who know me will understand) and I had sunglasses with me. I really don’t understand humans tho, should I have been looking shabby or unkept? I brushed that off and focused on what was really important.

When should I come back? This time I had a disappointed look on and I honestly wondered why it was mine that had to be omitted! At least the thought that I addressed my documents to the wrong office was cleared. “Come on Monday by 3 or 4pm”, I was told. What? Why? All these I asked in my mind as I didn’t really have a say. “Okay sir, thank you, thank you”, I said as I walked out of the office.

I left the ministry with such disappointment yet relieved and excited, I could go for Dauntless Master Class. Taking a cab from there to Art and culture, Area 10 to meet up with my friend, Renny. I was grateful the solution was found, it wasn’t like my document was missing. That’s something to be grateful for!
I told my friend to register for hers first as my battery was now dead.

I couldn’t explain the peace, joy and excitement inside of me during that period as we headed back home in the bus taking the Gudu-Kabusa route. It’s always a dusty road but the rain had fallen this time. I’m happier on days like this since the dust won’t affect me.

Getting home, I realised my mom had been trying to reach me to give her feedback on the outcome of the letter. It was the same news, this time mom wasn’t finding it funny. “How will such mistakes be made? What is really going on? We need to pray o. Mothers are always like that Hehe… I love mine😊😍”
I smiled as I didn’t know what else to say asides it is well, I will mom.

Let me stop here…


That was how I was able to attend Dauntless Master Class on October 15th and finally meet Pastor Laju Iren.

You could tell that I tried to be less emotional in this post lol but the truth is I was really excited meeting her!



I know I like stories lol now to the main thing…

Selfies with Bible girls is a must read for everyone! Don’t focus so much on the title, it’s not solely for ‘girls’ though it’s about them. It contains Bible stories and lessons in the Let’s take a selfie sections where you can really see yourself through the Bible characters.

You won’t just see yourself but you’d see who you can be with God. The truths in it are priceless, a book for all times, seasons, people, and race.

It’s for all times because it’s fascinating how many a times we read the Old Testament and all we see are their frailties or shortcomings but pastor Laju presents them in a new light. Reminding us that what happened to them is for our example so we could learn from them but still maintaining who we are in Christ which the Gospel emphasizes.

It’s for all people. Since these characters existed in the past, they faced similar things we are facing now. They had similar challenges with faith, love, family, self-esteem. It helps you know that people in the Bible days weren’t powerful people on their own yet God used them mightily despite their frailties. The book makes you understand the Gospel and it is for everyone irregardless of who you were/are or where you’re coming from.



I saw myself in Sarah. Although I’m not married, I’ve had to express faith in some uncertain situations in my life at different times. Believing God is an everyday lifestyle that although I have not seen the fulfillment of some of God’s promises, they’d come to pass. I may sometimes doubt(or in Sarah’s case, laugh) but they surely will.


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