One thing that has helped me so far is accepting responsibilities.
I learnt to stop giving excuses even if they were valid.

Growing up, what other people would get away with normally, I’d be called out on because I decided to accept the consequences for my actions. It wasn’t convenient but a decision I made!

I used to wonder why it was so but I see how much that has helped build me.
Knowing that I am a major determinant of the outcome of my future and that God has created me for a purpose, my life isn’t mine. I’d think, imagine and ask myself what I want to make of my life, what’s my purpose?, “what if i was the only one and there was no one else to do it?”

My mum would always tell us whenever we’re reluctant to help out at home “don’t think I can’t do these things, I’ve been doing them before you came but I want you to know how to do them”.

“Responsibility is a price you must pay for greatness!” Responsibility is taking the blame for your actions. It’s admitting we were wrong, we mess up. A lot of the times, we forget that running from our duties or from being held accountable will affect us as we grow older.
We’d need to face it either way so why not learn it now?

I remember the day my parents called me an adult😂, I’m not sure what they saw but I knew I had left some behaviours behind. I was happy. It was funny to me cus they did so the same day like they planned it…

But I’ve learnt one thing, responsibility isn’t about age, it’s the moment you know what you’re meant to do and you begin taking control over your own life and actions!
It’s being accountable for your own actions and then others’!
Don’t try to control other people’s lives when you’re not in charge of yours.
Be responsible, be accountable!

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