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For a long time, I’ve believed that it takes two to tango. From all of life’s lessons, I’ve seen the above play out: business, friendships, etc. One example i would give is God’s relationship with man.

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I’ve seen how God loves relationship!!! Cheee!!! it is evident all through scriptures how God relates with us. God is the master of relationships. Whoosh!!

It still intrigues me how God wanted to save the world and he did so by sending his son to die for us AS A MAN. He wanted us to ‘relate’ and then understand that He truly loved us by that singular act. it’s powerful when you ponder on those truths.


So picture this; God in all of his power and holiness chose to come to us in not just any form but in ours. It speaks volume!! I mean, God could have come in form of Spirit as He is but he thought that wasn’t enough as he considered the state we were all in(spiritually dead) and chose to be just like one of us so he could have access to us.

So clear! Wow! How downgrading I must say! How humiliating to give your life for someone terrible who doesn’t care about you so you can give them your own life! I can hear someone say, “I can’t do that!”


I know it intrigues you guys too but that’s what marriage

shouts be spelt as. That is God’s idea and it’s such a beautiful sight! Paul calls it a sweet smelling savour; “God made him that knew no sin become sin to make us right with him”. This is the first relationship you should learn to cultivate first: the One who gave his life for you!


DFH, our marriage should mirror selflessness. Others might term this old school but God says this is how it should be. This is what living truly is. I’m hoping that God’s love through salvation has found you first and you’re also living in it.

I’m hoping it is so as that’s the only way you can truly love me for who He’s made me to be. I am hoping that this is the foundation of your life before I ever am in yours.
There’s a lot I’ve learnt living this life I have been given and it’s such a privilege I get to do life with the one who does life with God. One who knows who is in Him and can lead me selflessly as a result.
For there to be ‘us’, there needs to be God at the centre. It’s the only way we can build a home that’d live beyond us and others can emulate.


Your Future Wife <3

Hey guys,

Here’s the song for this episode:

This is Living(ft. Lacrae) – Hillsong Young and Free

Understand that selflessness doesn’t mean losing yourself to help others, it’s simply helping them become better while knowing and growing in your identity in God. This is living now!



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