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It was exactly a year this past Sunday since I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Informatics(you can read a bit more about me here).

I am writing this mainly for those who are currently where I was(that is,  graduates) or those who just love learning hoping you’d learn from them as well. It is important to note that I only draw lessons from some experiences which may or may not be an exact replica for everyone.


If you were like me when I graduated, I didn’t have plans to get a job so I wasn’t on the look out for one neither did I send my Curriculum Vitae to any company because honestly I thought I needed to really figure out what was best for me before taking any step further.


It was barely 48 hours after graduation when I heard that our school sent our names to an IT company stating they would love us to take an aptitude test the following day. I knew I was part of those who passed the aptitude test since I got a message from the company calling for an interview shortly afterwards.

I honestly can’t describe how well I prepared for my first interview. I checked for the company online(it’s a good way to get acquainted with their values and services) because I read prior to that time that such questions could be asked.

Please prepare well because your life depends on it (I wish I was kidding) 😂it sincerely does if you understand how interviews are especially when you’re unable to answer properly a simple question thrown at you. You’d wish you never came for it lol.


Now, the truth is I wasn’t asked questions from things I had read. But one of the questions I was asked was the almighty and popular one “where do you see yourself in the next five years?”. Please if you are ever asked this question, I know it’s tempting to tell them your personal plans but they want to know in relation to their own company. Please answer wisely!

If you’re one who wants to build their career first off, make sure the content in your CV matches the course you studied(like in my case) or the role you’re applying for.


Here you go!

No one owes you anything in life

This isn’t just about Nigeria as it’s applicable anywhere. Maybe you have come across this statement before or you’ve heard someone say so but it just doesn’t make sense to you. Life is more about giving than receiving. I’ve seen some who would complain about every single thing where they are but aren’t doing anything to better their local environment. Don’t always have that sense of entitlement because the truth is you must work for the kind of life you want to see.
I repeat “no one owes you anything in life” not even God.

Note that I didn’t say you don’t owe anyone in life! They’re two different things entirely.


Formal education is not overhyped

There was a point in secondary school where I thought “so what’s the whole fuss about formal education”? Why do we still have to attend the four walls of a school if there are people who forge their certificates or drop out and still are successful? Funny question but it is like asking why eating is important because some persons eat too much.

‘They’ would tell us about how Bill Gates dropped out of school to start up something. Never allow anyone diminish your formal education because of some philosophies. I’m one of those people who believe formal education is important even though it does not solely determine who you turn out to become.


You have a degree not a title

This one is for those graduate who think they now have the world because they have a degree. I hope no one thinks that way these days?

My friend, you’re not your degree and your degree is not you so stop carrying it on your head. I wrote more on this in one of my old posts here


Financial Literacy is key

For quite a lot of us who were and might still be with our parents might need this more even if I know it is for all. I recommend books by Robert Kiyosaki starting with Rich Dad, Poor Dad. 

Getting some knowledge on financial literacy, investment earlier this year laid a foundation for me and helped build my philosophies on finances. You need these!


Lack of money is not really a problem

This does not in any way state that money is not important.

I learnt this very recently during the cause of holding outreach in secondary schools in Ebonyi state. I had drawn out a budget for the outreaches since they involved skills acquisition and inviting speakers as well. One of the major things that delayed me from kicking off in April was the fact that I didn’t have enough money to fund it. Not long after I had drawn the budget, I realised that I had more than 50% of the entire budget channelled to inviting speakers alone but somehow I did not know how to fix that until someone very close to me called my attention to it lol. I could invite those within Ebonyi state. It made me realise that most times what we lack is insight or the ability to recognise and create opportunities. We have all we need at our disposal with little or no cash. They are things that generate money on the long run.


Look out for opportunities

“There are loads of human needs where human beings are.”

As stated earlier, the ability to recognise opportunities is what most people lack.

“We will always get what we want in abundance if we will help enough other people get what they want. The best way to get our needs met is to go all out to meet the needs of others”

– Sam Adeyemi


Learning is a lifelong process

I wish I could engrave this point in your heart so you would know how much it has benefitted me.

Learn, unlearn and relearn.

Learn and learn again!

Never stop learning!


Never entertain doubts

In a world where literally everyone is seeking attention and fame, do well to know thyself. A lot of the times, doubts arise when we are consistently looking and comparing ourselves with others rather than focusing on what we were designed to do.

You would encounter doubts, you would feel like you do not match up but never nurse such feelings and don’t entertain them. You are not your feelings!

Focus on getting better at what you do in whatever field you are in.


Don’t hide your gifts and interests

The truth is ‘everyone’ is watching even when it seems like they are not. Don’t try to play safe by hiding your gifts because you think they are not valid or you’re not best at it. That is the whole idea, maybe you just need to improve on it and give it more time. There are lots of people who need what you have! There are a lot more opportunities to make impact in lives of others when you make use of what you have to impact others.

Just within a few months after I had started my blog, I have been getting invitations to minister and speak or be part of an event. The truth is there is no limit. No one ever sees the next phases but in working and being at your best in whatever stage you are, you can be sure your gifts would make way for you to do much more.


You would do well to be responsible when you realise that you have a major role to play in achieving your dreams.

“If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then realize that you are its author. Every day you have the chance to write a new page in that story. I want to encourage you to fill those pages with responsibility to others and yourself. If you do, in the end you will not be disappointed.”

– John C. Maxwell


People are assets

From my personal experience and from a just concluded summit I was a part of, this point was clearly elucidated. Benjamin Azunna, the convener rallied round all the Corps members he had at hand at the NCCF family house, Ebonyi state to inform us about the vision he had to hold a summit on June 2nd 2018.

I have seen the importance of synergy over and over again. People are God’s gift to you, you should never mistreat or underestimate them. They play a great role helping you fulfil God’s plans for your life.

There are a lot more lessons I learnt but I thought to share these with you. I am no expert but I hope you picked a handful of lessons? Knowing these have helped me achieve a lot in a year and I am certain they will be useful for you as well.

I would love to hear from you!

Share your thoughts 😊

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