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Enough of the rant about me, let’s delve into today’s topic… I’d start with a story

Very recently, I spoke to someone over the phone via Whatsapp given the response she gave me after asking her how she was doing. She seemed to blame her not doing well on the economy.
Let me expatiate. She is in her final year doing her project, her supervisor responding well and has been ever present. My thoughts were you are allowing your situation define your life! I had to probe her further
to know what was really wrong. Then she said some of her friends
already have their own businesses and she’s not happy because
she knows she’s meant to also have hers. She felt pressured and then thoughts of inadequacies flooded her mind.
She felt she wasn’t fine based on what was happening around her at the moment. I started smiling as she asked me if I could relate. Lol

Maybe you’re feeling like she was at this time. Yours might be at a much intense level if you’ve not learnt to manage such thoughts. No, I’m not even talking about those who are lazy but those who are doing a lot (and the right things if I might add) but feel like their enough is not enough. Those who cannot differentiate dissatisfaction from comparison. Those whose work is never enough for them till they have compared it with others. Those who just need to understand the seasons of their lives while putting things in perspective. These are the categories of people I’m referring to.

Does this sound like you? Are you feeling really burned out today or this season?

I can really imagine how you might be feeling!
I’ve been there! In fact, this is me on some days. Those thoughts come once a while! I remember the period I didn’t have a job last year and I hear or go online to see folks who are doing amazing things at their work place. I’d think, “Lord, I can do that too. I should be doing that(working) too”. Don’t get me wrong, It’s not that I wasn’t applying or I was idle. If I wasn’t and I was just expecting a job to land on me, then that’s another subject entirely.

I’ve seen well meaning individuals who have things going well for them, they feed well and live comfortably but still feel they need to do more just because they subconsciously compare their current season with someone else’s.

Or maybe you have so much to do today and no matter what you have been able to accomplish you still never feel you have done enough. You have promised yourself to complete that write up, set goals for the week. Unfortunately, the day you wanted to begin, you probably had an accident.

It might not even be as serious as that for you. it could be that your laptop screen breaks or your day got interrupted by a situation beyond your control and it begins to affect how you view yourself. Probably you got an offer to study the course of your dreams but you got sick just when you’re to resume. You start questioning your beliefs and your ability to be productive. You start asking, “if God
was with me why should i face these?” You beat
yourself up with self pity
and negative thoughts hoping the situations would change right? Have you been there before too?

You have a final year/Masters project you’re working on and even
if you’ve got a supportive and enlightened supervisor, you sometimes feel you should be doing more. Just because! No wonder you’re constantly burned out from not
focusing on what is in store for you to do NOW!

I have been in situations like this in the past. I remember during my final year project, my supervisor was
busy and although i was working on it, i wasn’t excited but i knew i had to finish work on it.

Over the years, these are the things I have learnt to do that have helped me and might help you too;

I had to learn that it wasn’t so much about how I was feeling but the success that was set before me. Like someone said if you ate only when you felt like you’d either be too thin or too fat. Go beyond how you feel to really focus on the end goal if you’re working towards one.

You’re focusing on the wrong things. I learnt the power of focus and attention, especially from someone who has recovered from an addiction. Take it from me, when it finally sunk in, my life changed! Your focus/attention fuels your desires. I guess it applies everywhere else. The next time you have thoughts or feelings of not doing enough despite all you do, remember to ask yourself if you’ve got focus right.

You’re asking the wrong questions. The reason many of us get burned out is because we aren’t sincere with ourselves. I like this point a lot because it’s something I’ve learnt to do to engage myself whenever I(or someone else) catches me on a wrong behaviour. It’s one thing to ask the right questions, it’s another to do so till you’ve found the answer you seek(to find the root cause). You want to ask, “what is true?” “What brought about this feeling?” “Am I doing what I should NOW?”

Another reason could be that you’re probably comparing your planting season with another person’s harvest.

You’ve probably also refused to differentiate your situation from your identity. You’re not what has happened to you and hence what has happened to you shouldn’t define you when you know you’re putting in your best.

I’d leave you with this idea by Greg McKeown in his first newsletter this year,

“Hardworking may not be well-named. It can mislead us to think progress only comes from massive action. What most of us need is to do small and simple things over a long period of time. It’s plain consistency rather than difficulty per se that produces great results. “

Greg McKeown

Share your thoughts with me. I’d like to hear from you.

21 thoughts to “Why You Sometimes Feel Like You’re not Doing Enough

  • Dohou Success

    I believe everyone have their own definition of Success, so one without his or her definition will definitely feel like they aren’t doing their best….
    Nice write-up anyway.

    • Deborah

      Well, certainly but you need to see it from the angle of those feeling like they’re not doing enough. Not everyone feels that way. It’s for those who do even when they’re putting in their best.

      I only shared based on observation + context is key too. Thanks for reading dear ๐Ÿค—

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  • Oluwatobi Ogunfusika

    Thanks for sharing Debby. I had to change my thought pattern to be able to deal with the feeling of not being enough.

    • Deborah Briggs

      Sisturh!! Yass..So much mind renewal needed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yinka

    This post speaks to almost everyone… Many of us will find it relatable.

    Nice and good work Deb.

    • Deborah Briggs

      I’m glad I made it relatable enough…thanks boss!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aruaman Kelvin

    Deborah, this is a timely piece. Most people are living a life of ‘fiction’, because they aren’t enlightened enough to face reality. They compare their level of progress with others, to validate their current status. In such a situation, those thoughts of I am not doing enough would definitely come, but the ability to respond rather than react to them, defines a persons path to failure or success. I am not an exception neither are you, and any other human human being on the face of this earth. We define the why, what and who we are with our own thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing this piece. I look forward to reading more. Cheers!

    • Deborah Briggs

      So so apt! Thanks for reading Kelvin. Looking forward to more too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fayose Opemipo

    Thanks Debbie. This is very relatable and I’ve been there too. Often time, we try to compare our journey has humans with others and sometimes, it leaves us broken. Understanding perspective and journey helps you to consistently stay on your lane and celebrate your seemingly little progress till the big break happens. Cheers to a greater year.

    • Deborah Briggs

      So true…I’m more of still keeping the right attitude irregardless. As many times the big break doesn’t come when expected.

      Thanks dear ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Oluwatoyin

        Just what I went through last year. Focus and consistency!!! Thanks Sis

  • Opeyemi

    This is true. Thanks for sharing Briggs. Sometimes we just need to ask ourselves sincere questions and stop comparing ourselves with others. I so much love the last quote. It’s very true and I have realized it too. I still struggle with consistency too, maybe you should consider writing tips to help people like me. Cheers to an amazing 2020

    • Deborah Briggs

      Awwn…I can imagine the struggle as I’ve been there too. Alright, I’d write a post and announce it. Cheers dear!


    Everyone’s time is definitely different. But yet overcoming the pressure of seeing your mates or people younger do better is more of discipline, faith, and trust in God.

    • Olaki Mercy

      Nice one Debbie,
      “Go beyond how you feel to really focus on the end goal if youโ€™re working towards one”….
      For me this’s the punch line and I got it, in all i think Focus is key.
      That ending quote from Greg McKeown explains it better.
      Thanks for sharing
      Do have a great year ahead Debbie.

      • Deborah Briggs

        Hey Mercy!! Thank you!U that you might struggle but focus ensures you don’t give up till the goal is achieved. Thanks for your time here. You too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Deborah Briggs

      Yeah…I’m coming in with the light of understanding they’re not doing better than you as long as you’re also putting in the work in your current season


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