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“So what do you do now?”

One of the FAQ(frequently asked questions) from friends and relatives especially for folks who are just starting out. I know…

I get that a lot too. It never stops because somehow your response is still “I’ve not gotten a job”.
You’re probably awaiting admission into the university or you’re done with your degree program and you still have no 9-5,8-4, 10-20 etc lol. Yes, you’re not certain any job is in sight even if you’ve been applying. Or maybe you’re in another category that has been fed with lies that there’s no job in Nigeria so you just sit idly at home. You’re probably also looking to get ideas for that friend of yours, then I had you in mind while writing.

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I know the answers might be pretty obvious but that’s the whole idea as I write this. I share majorly from lessons/experiences. Many of the things you should do when you’re ‘jobless’ are those you didn’t think you needed to do.

Many of the things you should do when you’re ‘jobless’ are those you didn’t think you needed to do.

Briggs Deborah

You can take it from me as someone who didn’t have a paid job for one solid year. I think I loved the fact that I’m writing this from a place of experience so you’d know that I’m not just sharing head knowledge. Around March last year, I wanted to write a blog post on “why I quit blogging for a while” and I remembered I wasn’t even ready to share the experience lol as I was working on my Masters degree at that time(I was hoping I’d be admitted).


Before then, I had finished service in October 2018 and got a job with a tech company in about three weeks. I decided to take the job. It was a content management job for their blog although I quit it within two months even tho I was working from home two days in a week. I had to meet up with unrealistic demands from the job and it was telling on me as I was always working, on the road, in the bus even at home lol.

I’m one of those who believe in prioritizing, leaving work to stay at work but this wasn’t the case many times and I ended up not doing other important things as a result. I always felt drained coupled with the hassles that come with the Lagos traffic.

I remember resuming work the first Monday in January and quitting even if I didn’t know what was to unfold next, I knew I made one of the best decisions at that time. After speaking with a few of those I look up to, I stopped. That decision took me the whole of the Christmas and new year break to decide. You needed to see my parent’s reaction when I told them how much I was being paid as opposed to the amount I thought I was to be paid before I got the job. Well, this is Nigeria. Many things about job opportunities for graduates are not well defined in many companies. I’d share what specific things I did you (and can do as well) when you don’t get a job in the next post.


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I’d love to hear from you. Comment, feel free to share with that friend who’s currently ‘jobless’.

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