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I also saw myself in Deborah, I’m sure you guessed that already! A woman who was placed in the fore front to lead the whole nation and bring deliverance to God’s people, Israel in her own time.

Brave, Courageous, Dauntless!

Left to right: Me, Pastor Laju, Renny

She was able to succeed because she relied solely on God’s abilities rather than hers!

I always thought and believed that a woman mustn’t be in leadership positions especially in church. Deborah’s life debunks that. There are a bunch of other women in the Bible who were pastors, prophetesses, public speakers who had to speak in public and lead. Although I learnt this a while back, Selfies with Bible girls gave me a better understanding of that fact.


For a man like Lapidoth, we hardly heard his name mentioned.

“In a time when most women were identified by their husbands, and men were identified by their prowess, he was known by many simply as ‘Deborah’s husband’.”


At times we forget that it’s really not about us but about fulfilling God’s plans for our lives. Just imagine if Lapidoth would have stopped her from being judge. Not many men would support their wives when they are not in the spotlight.

I love how it’s written in the book…

“Dear young man, it comes down to your choice. If you want a woman who makes every meal and is home before six, no one would judge you for that. I’ve met people-really amazing guys I might add- who want to marry women who won’t work and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve met women who are fulfilled being full time mothers, raising children who will live to the glory of God and I don’t look down on them. In fact, these women are Superwomen in their own rights. But my point here is that people are different. The most important thing is to live for Christ whether we are single, married, stay at home moms or self-acclaimed Supergirls.


That’s the case with the man fit for Supergirl. He’s got to be different. He is secure in being the man Christ died for and wouldn’t mind not being in the spotlight while his wife shines. He doesn’t feel like less of a man if she earns more, or if he has to watch the baby for a while if she’s running late from work. He can let her be President while he’s simply the President’s husband.


That’s the kind of man I’d like to call Superman. While everyone claims that behind every successful man is a supportive woman, he wants to be the supportive man behind the successful woman. He understands more than anyone else that her success is his success.


When you come into his terrain, he knows his stuff, but he doesn’t have to blow his trumpet to outshine that of his woman. He works hard, does his own thing, but still supports her and doesn’t threaten to withdraw his support at the drop of a hat. Let me just say that not all ‘Supermen’ are domestic in nature. Some can cook for Africa, some can barely boil water. When it all comes down to it, it’s a mindset thing. It is the willingness to be able to go out of your comfort zone; to try out stuff that may not be consistent with your ego, just so that your God-given treasure can bloom and live up to her true potential.


Dear brother, you must marry a woman that respects you. That’s non-negotiable. But your security cannot come from the submission your wife gives you have to be secure in your own right, your ego must not be easily threatened by the success of your wife. When you rest securely in who you are in Christ, then you’re more likely to attract a Supergirl with a heart for Christ and to build a successful relationship with her.


If your supergirl is the right kind, you don’t need to have a lot of money to earn her respect. But you have to be rich in mind and in spirit. You’ve got to have the wisdom, capacity and maturity to lead her.”

– Laju Iren

You can check out more of Pastor Laju’s two-part post titled ‘I’m in love with Supergirl’ on

Very detailed and comprehensive! I love how she puts everything in the right perspective.

Two Dauntless Queens 

You can call me that from now on! No, this isn’t a title but it’s cus we have the One who saved, blessed us and MADE US DAUNTLESS!

I honestly am one ‘proud’ supergirl and I’m happy there’s hope for us lol. I love #SelfieswithBiblegirls and you should too. It’s one book I can read over and over again. Thankful for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to write such an inspiring book!
It’s one of the best books I read this year.

Here’s  Selfies With Bible Girls Review 1 if you have not read it.

I’d love to hear from you, share your thoughts.



  • peacedebbie

    Superb! proud “Supergirl”

    I will love to read the book. how do I get it?

  • Esther Ojebamigbe

    This is great. Really inspiring. OMG, Can’t wait to read I’m in love with the super girl… Please if you have the soft copy you can send it to me sis😬😍😘. More grace to function sis.

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