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It’s been a long while! I’m so sorry for my unannounced absence 😊😄 This post is long overdue and should have been up since January but ehrm… my body was really trying to adjust to the new environment and routine in Ebonyi. Long story but it is not easy ‘mbok’🤣


Thankful to My amazing Father for His love and life. For His clear leading and directions in things He’s asking me to do. For growth in the faith and the desire to press on despite circumstances that surrounds. For strength to press on, on days I don’t feel it.


I have to do this😊

Thank you mama and papa for never giving up on me despite all you face. I love you two😍


This is to everyone currently serving especially those feeling like they aren’t seeing the effect or fruit of all they labour at.
Also to those who need encouragement and boost on how to make their service year profitable or you just love learning, stay tuned. I also share lessons I’ve learnt so far❤


I have the opportunity to impact the minds of the young people where I am. To me, there’s nothing greater than that in this sense 😄 I’d major more on this later in another post but here are some lessons that I learnt so far.


Be humble, let your ‘life’ achievement speak for you.

I know everyone loves to have a sense of achievement or ‘arrival’ once done with the University and it’s a beautiful thing no doubt. I mean it’s not easy especially when you’ve graduated with a First or Second class upper after four, five or six plus years as the case may be. I congratulate you but don’t let it get to your head.

That’s not enough to make you brag or look down on where you’re posted to especially if where you’re posted to isn’t in a developed place.
The people posted to Lagos can’t relate but it does apply to you too 😂🤣 I know you all o!

We all have our dream jobs or aspirations. While it’s best and your choice to be where you know would enable you achieve your dreams and goals, you don’t have to announce your life achievement so the people/your employer would know you don’t ‘fit’ there.



Just to buttress this, on my way to my PPA, I saw a corp member who, of course I didn’t know was coming from the same place I was going. We exchanged pleasantries from the bike.
On getting there, I realised our feet touched the same soil as the Proprietor(popularly called Prop) expressed his ‘unexpressed’ displeasure lol(through his words) about his attitude stating that he should be rejected and that he couldn’t stay. I sincerely do not know how he reacted lol.

Of course, I am not against fulfilling your dreams neither am I against you rejecting a place you’re posted to. But it is funny how we want people to respect us but we never do respect them or treat them with the right attitude. There is someone who has achieved more than you have so don’t let it get to your head.


Let people know where and for whom you stand.

Let it be evident in the way you treat people. There are lots of Christians who have an identity crisis and hence don’t know who they are. That shouldn’t be you!


Do not hurriedly conclude about someone based on first impressions.

I learnt last year to give room for people as they do change for the better especially when it’s obvious they’re willing to. I’m still learning to do this. That’s the way God relates with us so we should relate with others the same here.


Try to be on time

Still working on this really.
I wanted to scrap this point but ehrm…let it stay 😁
One Friday, on my way to school, I met the proprietor and the first thing he said is “you’re late” haha I was speechless, no excuse to give😭🤣

I learnt from the chapter “Self discipline and work” of the book, The power of Self-discipline by Brian Tracy and I have been putting it to practice.
On this, your employer sincerely needs to see your willingness and commitment to work. They honestly don’t need you to be perfect but to give your best. Your attitude to work is as important as the work itself.



Ask about people’s welfare and mean it.

Any student who knows me at my PPA can testify to this. Once I’m greeted or I greet others, I ask immediately “How are you?” or “How was your night?” The truth is when I ask, I truly want to know and amazingly someone opened up to me and actually shared burdens with me at a time. Although some don’t respond but that’s fine as far as the aim is achieved.


Be open to advice and correction

If you’re new to an environment, you’re bound to need help or assistance in certain areas. Do well to ask when you’re in need, good advice of course.
Also, no one is an island of knowledge meaning we’re prone to mistakes. The idea is to keep learning and growing. Be teachable!


You need to understand that your impact is priceless

The truth is whatever positive impact you’re making(if you are lol) at your PPA can’t really be price-tagged. Your employer might not see or reward your efforts but remember that you’re not doing it for him but for yourself and those you’re serving.
Those who live their lives for others are those who truly live fulfilled.

Don’t be discouraged. You’re preparing for the greater things God has for you in the next phase.

Don’t give up! Keep at it.


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