For those of you who knew I was in Abuja for almost a month, here are some things I learnt during my stay. (If you didn’t and you’re new to my blog, welcome on here.) It was my first time going alone(big girl that I am😎)

I stayed with the Fawale family (God bless them, they accommodated me without knowing anything about me). (If you’re reading this, I love you all)

God is your source. 
Before I got to Abuja, I was looking forward to staying with a friend of mine but somehow it didn’t work out. I didn’t push it, I had to remind myself that God is my source. I was reminded that my trust should be solely on God and not anyone.

The truth is no matter how willing people are to help you, they’re limited. Never depend on people such that you forget that your source is God! Don’t also put so much expectations on people, it’d lead to disappointments. The way God surprised me I can’t explain, I really enjoyed my stay there.

When in a new environment, learn to study the environment before you fit in.
Watch each person, see how things are done before fitting in. See what they do in the morning, how chores are carried out and ask for ways to assist them. Trust me, they’d love it! It shows how much you care for them and how you’re willing to be of help!

Ask questions when in doubt about how to assist. For example, you could ask how do you wash the dishes(i don’t like doing this by the way), what time do we prepare dinner? Make them know you care and mean it!

Another point from this is work your own routine around theirs. It’s not when it’s time to cook or discuss you want to sleep or play knowing fully well that you want to eat as well🤤 I’m not saying you should do all the work for them but assist in the little way you can. You can work more if you’d be staying for a longer period but I planned to spend about two weeks which ended up being three weeks and four days.

If you’re like me, I’m not really a fan of routines. I just love doing things spontaneously but I’ve learnt to plan, it works for me at times😆

Also if you know me well, I’m not a very hardworking girl but I can work if you ask me to OR when you least expect it.

You can check out my post on responsibility.

Assist as much as you can. It shows that you know what you’re doing and you’re not claiming what happens in their home is none of your business. For the fact that they chose to accommodate you means a lot especially when they have a family. Not many people can take in a stranger or even a relative into their homes cus of reasons best known to them. Appreciate the fact that they ‘trusted’ you enough to give you a home in theirs.


Be content with whatever you are given. This is one thing my mother always sounded/still sounds in our ears. “Don’t look at what other people have, be content with your own. If you don’t have it yet, God would give you your own.”
One thing people don’t know is that contentment brings satisfaction. The reason why you’re not satisfied is because you’re looking at other people’s properties and comparing with yours. Contentment would bring joy and peace.

Gratitude.                                         Always appreciate them no matter how small the favour or gift might seem. I’m grateful for the friends and people I have around me who teach me to be thankful always. I know what people go through just to make ends meet. Contentment and gratitude work hand in hand. Learn to always say thank you and mean it!


Be wise.
Avoid unnecessary talks or arguments. When you realize that a discussion isn’t tending to peace or agreement, let it go please! I discover that a lot of people are bothered about winning an argument than seeking for solutions. Seek to make peace in your relationship with people and avoid taking offenses where none was intended. You’re not the centre of the universe, stop thinking everyone wants to hurt you! Stop assuming or concluding for people. You’re too special for that! 🤗
Where in doubt, please speak out to avoid holding hatred inside of you. Most times, the other person might have hurt you unintentionally. Seek to be open-minded and forgive at all times. There are times you’d be misunderstood or lied against, keep your calm and allow God have his way. Never allow anyone’s action or inaction stop you from doing what is right.


Love their home and let them know that you do.
Starting from their children! Parents love their children and you should too, no matter how old they might be, love them. Try to engage them in activities, help them with their home work and assignments. Tickle them and smile at them. This should be willingly and not something you’re doing forcefully!

Also, don’t hesitate to correct them when they do wrong! Tell them what to do and show them the way out not just what they did wrong. The Bible talks about speaking the truth in love, it must be done in love please. I had a bit of hard time in this area because their response wasn’t so encouraging most times but I remember I myself was a bit nonchalant while growing up. I understood better! I remember how my mom and dad would correct me but I’d still keep repeating the same thing over and over again.

Until we realise, learn, and grow, we all are selfish one way or the other! We want to do what we’ve determined to and no one must disrupt us. We’ve all acted like ‘children’ at one time or the other.

Being around those children reminded me so much of my younger self and school life. I sure did learn a lot during my stay there.
Lastly, we’ve been called to live for Christ, no longer for ourselves! We are to prefer others above ourselves. That’s love and that’s what Jesus has shown us.
Wherever you find yourself, with whoever, honouring God should be your priority. May we live lives worthy of the gospel.
Thanks for your time!
Please share your thoughts, I’d like to hear from you🤗



  • Dunnex

    Wow!!! Beautiful write up, great lessons!!! I learnt some of these lessons when I had to stay with a family and I’m learning new ones today. God bless you dearie. 😍

  • Jerry

    Hmmmm, some key lessons here, thanks for the opener. I love the way you use the emojis

  • tygraced

    Beautiful piece

  • botapreneur

    Wow, great lessons here…

  • LatundeAkin

    Lovely lessons. Learning from this. Thanks

  • LatundeAkin

    A lovely lesson. I am learning too…smiles


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