Talk about crime related movies, I’m not much of a fan but is was different, it’s non fiction, very captivating. I saw this movie during my birthday week this year. For those who don’t know, it was on August 15. ‘Detroit’ wasn’t what we had in mind to watch but I’m happy we did. Thank you Faith Hinmikaiye(😉😘)

I hope you can pick one or two lessons from these 🙇🏾‍


Don’t ever allow anyone talk you out of your dreams, passion or aspirations in life.

No doubt there’d always be challenges, people would disappoint you, you might lose a close friend but never forget the reason you picked up that instrument to learn, the day you wrote your first write up and it inspired many. It’s never too late! If you’re discouraged, get back up and start again!
Never ever let anyone’s decision or indecision affect who you’re becoming! Keep at it!

In the movie, Larry Reed lost his close friend, Fred Temple to insensitive and racists cops. He was so disappointed because he brought him into it, he persuaded him to go to the motel with Him! I can imagine the pain he went through but he didn’t give up, he continued his singing career and is still impacting lives(a true life story though). We were always given this illustration when growing up in children church about two friends who were preached to in a crusade. One of the friends wanted to accept Jesus and believe the gospel but the other friend discouraged him reminding him of how much he’d miss his old life.

On their way home, they had an accident and one of them died! You can guess who it was… The one who was willing to believe the gospel but he never survived and lost the opportunity.

– Never assume you know, ask questions where necessary or when in doubt!

It’s said whoever asks for directions would not get lost along the way. Relating this to life, there’d always be people who have gone through what you’re going through now! Don’t be so proud that you refuse to learn cus the person isn’t your age mate.  Be sure to find out from them and learn.

– The choices you make matter a lot. Make wise choices.

– Peer pressure is real

Beware! You need to realise that it’s okay to be different, it’s fine to be the odd one out especially when ‘so called’ friends don’t understand your reason for making certain decisions or not not joining them. Know what you want as a youth and be focused enough to pursue it.

Never forget that you’re responsible for your choices and actions.

The consequences for making wrong choices might cost you your life. Be wise!

These are lessons I learnt. Has anyone else seen the movie? Please share what you learnt with me 🤗

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